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Enjoy walking with the children together? In this case, you do not find the coziest place in the Internet. There are attentive mummies who adore their kids. Of course, to walk with children also love fathers. Men, who got their fortune to be a father and to raise a child, can feel very comfortable in our community as well. Share your tips on education, feeding the baby. Talk about the games you like to play with your children, share your experience. Young parents always will be able to ask the experienced, who have already passed the difficult and important period of the first years of baby's life. Parents start walking with the children from the earliest days, when little beloved miracle is born. Moms and dads walk with baby daily. When the child will grow up a little, you can travel with him/her, play educational games, go to the movies and play sports together. Parents of teenagers of all age groups can share their personal successes in child rearing. Tell us how you had a way with your son or daughter in a difficult period of growing up and first love. Remember how you were able to instill a love for music in your child, poetry and sport. Every advice from experienced mom or dad will be priceless to many members of the community. Children are our future. We remember these words during our life trying to do everything we can to ensure the best future to them. Let us together make the life of every child funnier and interesting.

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